From rug to cushion

From rug to cushion

Mandela Moon Cushion

The aim of Mandela Moon, like Mandela Viscose, was to create a subtle design that could easily be placed in any room.  Subtle design detail is achieved using the contrast between the soft grey, neutral wool base and the viscose together with accents of colour in the form of birds and butterflies. Again initial inspiration from design has come from the beautiful art deco chinese carpets.

Wendy wanted to offer those customers who weren’t in the process of looking for a rug an opportunity to inject some of her style into their homes and so the answer became quite clear.  Cushions are a great way to inject some style and liven up a living space quickly and cheaply.  Wendy thought her popular Mandela Moon rug design would be a great place to start for a cushion.  By changing the moon from a long oval shape to a perfect circle and shifting the flora and fauna elements slightly Wendy successfully captured the essence of Mandela Moon in cushion form. These elements are embroidered on polyester dupion which looks like silk but is more durable.

Mandela Moon

Mandela Moon cushion

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