Floral Waves Mood Board

Floral Waves Mood Board

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese symbol (seigaiha) wave, Wendy created her rug design Floral Waves. The symbol has been used for over 1000 years in Japanese design which proves the success of its enchanting influence on us. The block pattern of arches symbolise rolling waves and the blue echoes water. The gentle repetitive flow has a meditative effect.

The blend of ancient symbolism and modern design prompted our collection of colourful inspiration for your room scheme. Restraint was difficult as we found abundant treasures for your home that compliment the impactful Floral Waves !

Starting with beautiful wall treatments the oriental style Tibet wallpaper sourced on Pinterest and available at https://clarencehouse.com/wallcovering/2014101/tibet-wallpaper/pale-blue adds another dimension to your decor. The soft, blue undulating pattern co-ordinates with the concentric circles of Floral Waves both representing water. The Tibet Dragon is also available as a linen which would be fabulous as cushions or curtains in your scheme. The reiteration of water and blue creates unity.

A striking resemblance yet artfully different to the concentric circles is the seamless Japanese Art Deco floral waves pattern wall mural at https://pixers.us/wall-murals. It can be adjusted to the size you require so you can introduce as little or as much as you desire. The turquoise colourway enhances the foliage on the rug and if you also opt for the exquisite handcrafted Nizwa 3 door cabinet https://bethangray.com/p/nizwa-3-door-cabinet/ its stunning jewel colour energizes the look. The ancient technique of marquetry is used to create the elegant curves on a maple veneer. The glamorous jade pigment works so well with Florals waves immersing you into a blue ocean lagoon full of reef diversity and wonder.

Another option for your walls is this scrolling fern wallpaper by https://www.soane.co.uk. The cream fronds on a Jasper blue background tie in with the gentle ocean waves and retain the movement of a rich sea world.

But why stick with blue ! The striking and exotic Florence Broadhurst Green Japanese Floral wallpaper by Bellacor.com is so fresh yet calm. The colourway throws centre stage on Floral Waves and coordinates gracefully with the botanicals on the rug. It’s large scale adds a whimsical note to your interior and creates plenty of engagement.

Just to keep you on your toes we’ve suggested the vibrant Miami fabric by Cole and Son https://www.wallpaperdirect.com/products/cole-son/miami. It adds three dimensional depth to the scheme. Make it subtle with cushions or make it bold with a wall covering. The olive colourway has an abundant array of greens which highlight the similar chromaticity in Floral Waves. The geometric pattern also juxtaposes gently with the curves of the rug.

Coming across the glamorous Deco Bowen chair at www.anthropologie.com imbibed the notion of desirability and comfort, it just begs ‘sit down and slumber’. The masculine shape and classic colourway sits so blissfully with the Miami wall and grounds the brighter hue of Floral Waves. The gleaming geometric upholstery and plush cushioning offer a modern touch to your scheme but also intermingles deliciously with more traditional pieces such as the vintage Chinoiserie Decorated coffee table found at https://www.chairish.com/product/1881821/vintage-chinoiserie-decorated-large-coffee-table. This table has the added bonus of a removable tray extremely practical when entertaining friends and family. The balance of old and new pieces adds charm to your interior and the intricately decorated tray is certainly a topic of conversation.

For something nature inspired the Phoenix Coffee Tables definitely evoke island life https://www.sweetpeaandwillow.com/living-room/side-tables/phoenix-set-of-2-tables. The natural rope is tightly woven so it’s pleasantly sturdy for your table top accessories or that all important cuppa and a book or two.   The brass contrasts with the rope and ties in with other brass accents within the scheme.

Settling with natural materials the glass Aden Martini Side Table caught my attention with it’s saturated blue hue and organic form. Found at https://www.wayfair.co.uk/Canora-Grey–Aden-Martini-Side-Table it can be used as a side table or extra seating when you need it. Easy to move around and to keep clean. The hand crafted design oozes appeal with the gold ring linking both upper and lower elements.

The mint green Lacy Stand was found at www.deringhall.com and is another alternative for resting a lamp or that all important refreshment. Though it’s no longer available replicating it can be easy. Scouring antique fairs, salvage or reclamation yards or even charity shops it’s possible to find gorgeous bamboo and rattan tables and with a lick of Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic paint https://www.homebase.co.uk/farrow-ball-eco-no-214-arsenic-exterior-eggshell-paint the style can be reflected.

Furthering the Art Deco style and emulating the curves of the waves I was drawn to these Lovers, pink velvet upholstered chairs by https://www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk/furniture. Besides the glamour they exude their quirky character of being either right or left handed make them excellent chairs for intimate chat. They’re also neat in size and would look fabulous either side of the cabinet or a fireplace in your room making them easy to gather when extra friends come round.

Another luxurious chair is the Carla Large dusty pink velvet armchair at https://www.attpynta.com/products/large-dusty-pink-velvet-armchair. Crafted using 100% cotton velvet and as a result of it’s expansive form it’s just perfect for snuggling into. It still, however, offers all the elegance you require. The soft pink hue synchronizes with the oriental blooms on Florals Waves enhancing the sense of harmony.

Moving onto larger seating I discovered there was so much choice that worked so pleasingly it was difficult to narrow it down. Firstly, the Paule Marrot Pied-A-Terre sofa https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/paule-marrot-pied-a-terre-sofa2. It’s gently sloped camelback and soft upholstery provides supremely comfortable seating and the bold pattern strikes a tropical island aesthetic complimenting the waves at your feet. You can only ever feel joy when entering this setting. The artist Paule Marrot is an award winning textile designer whose prints and patterns blossomed from the mid 1920’s to 1970’s. Her sense of colour and composition provided much needed vibrancy and energy to the post war generation and are now being reinterpreted for our homes today.

Secondly, what about this mint green St. Bart’s sofa with Biscuit Tufting found on Pinterest https://modshop1.com/collections/all-modern-sofas. It’s slender legs and buttoned seat provides very lush seating and the colour palette just oozes tranquility setting you in the mood for a carribean cocktail !

To light up this beautiful interior Wendy came across these exquisite Canton Caddy Pink Tea lamps from https://www.belleandjune.com.   The hot pink, hand painted, toile artwork connects with the florals on the rug and imparts a delightful sophistication to the scheme. Sitting atop the luxurious Nizwa cabinet the complementary colour scheme creates a very appealing picture.

For that all important central feature to your room how about the sizeable Twiggy Chandelier discovered at https://www.anthropologie.com/en-gb/shop/twiggy-chandelier. Of course it doesn’t need to be central, hanging from a corner adds great visual interest also and placing the light just where you need it whether it’s for task or ambience is planning for your lifestyle. The cage inspired pendant flaunts a fanciful lighting statement making you smile as it catches your eye.

The mirror, an essential design element, adds that special ingredient to your room. Bouncing light around and reproducing your amazing interior vignettes it really enhances your space. The Jonathan Adler Harlequin Round Mirror features glass panes back-painted in early-morning inspired shades. Its colourful yet quiet, edgy yet soft image marries perfectly with the serene aura of Floral Waves. The mirror has a minimalist form yet maximalist presence hitting all the right notes. Find it at https://www.shopcandelabra.com/jonathan-adler-harlequin-round-mirror

For the final flourish why not throw the Majolica cobalt cushion https://www.grahamsandersoninteriors.com/fabrics/designers-guild/majolica/istoriato-cobalt on your sofa duplicating the enchanting blues and oriental inspiration of Floral Waves or the large scale, Peony Velvet cushion https://www.frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk/peony-velvet-cushion which adds a little heady mix to your interior!

A captivating accessory is this Cyan Design Turquoise Stupa Vase at https://www.bellacor.com/contemporary-and-modern-vases. A very tactile piece that evokes entrancing, magical feelings of watery worlds.

Whatever your choice of complimenting design for Floral Waves be rest assured there is a cornucopian selection waiting for your creative assembly.

Thanks for reading !

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