Dip into our customer journey

Dip into our customer journey

Customer service is one of the most important aspects when it comes to buying from Wendy Morrison Design. Our aim is to help you find a handmade rug – or fabric, cushions or wallpaper - for your home that you truly love and that makes you smile every time you see it. So, whatever you choose must be right. Which is where our customer journey comes in. We want to make the decision process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Karen's beautiful dining room where she chose a custom Jardin de Orient rug to compliment her chosen Joie de Vivre wallcovering and Joie de Vivre fabric curtains

Sneak peek

We were lucky enough to visit customer Karen Walker’s gorgeous property recently to see how well the pieces she had picked from our collection worked in her home setting. Karen had chosen a custom-made Ivory Jardin de Orient hand-tufted rug for her light-filled dining room and teamed it with Joie de Vivre wallpaper and curtains. The high ceilings and period details in the room draw the eye upwards, providing a wonderful backdrop for the Joie de Vivre wallpaper, which seems to emerge, quite naturally, from the rich coloured wood wall panelling. Huge windows are the ideal setting for curtains made from Joie de Vivre fabric. The gold detailing around the room and the dark mahogany dining furniture contrast beautifully with the light, joyful Joie de Vivre design. The custom-colour rug creates a wonderful, enveloping border for the table and chairs.

The high ceilings and beautiful gold cornicing provide the perfect setting for Joie de Vivre

Colour and comfort

In the sitting room, Karen had decided on our hand-knotted Eternal Toile rug and paired this with Eternal Toile and Arc en Ciel hand-crafted crewel cushions. The look is sumptuous and elegant. Soft rounded shapes, pale tones, gold details and shots of colour in the cushions add up to a luxurious, comfortable, contemporary space.

In the bedroom, Mandela wallpaper with her elegant long tree branches set against a pale gold backdrop with delicate birds and butterflies works beautifully with Phoenix cushions to create a luxurious yet restful space.

‘In a way I had known what I was looking for in advance,’ Karen explains. ‘I knew the level of impact I wanted in the dining room and that I wanted more of a mural-type design.’

Our Eternal Toile hand-knotted wool and silk rug looking wonderfully at home in Karen's sitting room. Sitting perfectly with our Eternal Toile cushion

Custom colour

Karen opted to change the base colour on Jardin de Orient, which is part of the custom service we offer. We can change the base colour, or one or two detail colours, within a design for another colour within the Wendy Morrison Design palette. The custom rug differs from a full bespoke service in that it is based on designs within the Wendy Morrison Collection, which can be modified in size and colour to create a rug that suits your home perfectly.

Our free Virtual Appointments are a great place to start if you are thinking about something new for your home. Our 30-minute online appointments offer customers the opportunity to discuss in detail what they are looking for, as well as to receive colour and style advice from our inhouse design experts if required.

‘Our handcrafted rugs are investment pieces,’ Wendy Morrison explains, ‘a virtual appointment offers customers the chance to discuss colour and pattern, and to see examples, as well as learn the story behind each design - every rug has her own tale to tell. It can be reassuring to have a second opinion and gives customers the confidence to make the best decision for them.’

For in-person visits to view our collection, our new showroom in London’s Chelsea Harbour opens in March.

Getting ready for a virtual appointment!

Sample example

The Sample Service is another possible step on our customer journey. Customers can order a small, sample version of rug designs to get an idea of how a rug will look and feel in their home. Colour, pattern, light and setting can be more confidently judged when seen in real life.

The gorgeous finish and sheen on our handcrafted rugs are difficult to capture in photographs, so it helps to see a sample in real life, to appreciate how rich the colours are and the effect other shades in a room may have on them.

‘Colours vary so much - particularly neutrals and lighter shades - when viewed on the floor,’ Wendy explains, ‘so trying out a sample in advance gives added confidence that you are making the right decision for your space.’

Samples are available to order for all of our rug designs, as well as our fabric and wallpaper designs

Karen also adds, ‘I found the Sample Service helped when selecting coordinating paints.’

‘The Custom Service has been excellent,’ Karen explains. ‘One of the things I love about Wendy Morrison designs is that whilst the designs are different, the colour palette ensures the designs can be mixed and matched together, so that I could choose to go as busy or as simple as I wanted.’

Our Mandela wallpaper and Phoenix cushion proving to be a dream combination in Karen's bedroom

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