Customising ‘Flamingo Clouds’ for a customer

Customising ‘Flamingo Clouds’ for a customer

Wendy’s ‘Flamingo Clouds’ rug for John Lewis is proving to be very popular at their stores.  It is comprised of wool and viscose.  Recently a customer saw this rug in store but didn’t want the viscose element.  The customer contacted Wendy to see if it could be made with wool only.  Because we offer a re-design service this was no problem and yesterday we sent out the rug in pure wool to a happy customer.

Find out why Wendy uses viscose and what viscose can bring to your rug in our journal post Why viscose?

Flamingo Clouds for John Lewis with wool & viscose

Wendy with Flamingo Clouds and Flamingo Ferns for John Lewis

Flamingo Clouds comprised of wool only using our re-design service

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