Colourful new creation Joy sparks hope and happiness with Interior Designer Shauna Glenn

Colourful new creation Joy sparks hope and happiness with Interior Designer Shauna Glenn

As you know, colour is incredibly important to us. Which is just one of the reasons we are so delighted to introduce our newest hand-tufted rug design - Joy. A design full of glorious colour, pattern and symbolism, Joy also has an uplifting story of hope and optimism to share.

‘Inspiration for Joy very much came from hand-knotted design Talisman,’ Wendy explains. ‘I love the multi-coloured border and felt it only fair to incorporate that within a hand-tufted design too.’

Our newest hand tufted rug, Joy sits perfect in Wendy's bedroom with our Joie de Vivre wallpaper, Arc en Ciel fabric headboard, Arc en Ciel Crewel and Arc en Ciel cushions. A true colour explosion!

Instead of Talisman’s symbolic dragons at the heart, Joy features colourful hummingbirds and butterflies, which hover over a sumptuous pale wool backdrop in a glorious celebration of colour. Chrysanthemums and lotus flowers in full bloom embellish two corners, all set within a layer of pink, purple and lilac clouds, and gentle green waves, beautifully framed by a bold geometric border.

As decorative as she is, Joy also tells a powerful story. The butterfly has long been recognised as a symbol of transformation and hope, and represents rebirth. Hummingbirds symbolise joy, the chrysanthemum represents long life and rebirth, while the lotus flower is a symbol of luck, revered for its beauty and resilience. The soft clouds surrounding the motifs symbolise peace, good luck and happiness, while undulating waves represent the ebb and flow of time, along with surges of good luck.

Joy's geometric border is inspired by Chinese Art Deco rugs.

Joy’s message is all about hope and optimism,’ Wendy says. ‘She is full of joyful symbolism and colours that make me really happy. The geometric border is inspired by Chinese Art Deco rugs.’

The effect is striking - like a window onto nature, which is cocooned in a protective border. ‘I feel the border could frame whatever you choose,’ Wendy adds. ‘She could frame a beautiful coffee table or dining table.’

Our beautiful new design, Joy!

Joy offers enormous scope for bringing new life to interiors. We reached out to fellow colour lover, US-based designer Shauna Glenn, who has a passion for colour, found treasures and eclectic design, to get her ideas on living a more colourful life and discover where Joy fits in.

When did your interest in interior design start?

I’ve always been tuned into my creative side, but I really became interested in interior design when my daughter went to college. I needed a job and went to work for a friend who was a designer; he taught me so much!

When did you first become aware of Wendy Morrison Design?

I first became aware of Wendy when Anthropologie started selling a few of her rugs. I became obsessed!

Joy lends herself perfectly to Shauna's beautiful blue dining room!

Where does your love of colour come from?

I have no idea, except colour has always made me happy.

Are you drawn to some colours more than others?

Absolutely – blues and pinks, but I have also never met a colour I didn’t like!

How do you approach each new project?

With my mouth closed and my ears open. I really try to listen to what the client wants. It’s not about me, I’m just a conduit.

Do you feel colour has the power to change mood?

Are you kidding! Yes, absolutely. Come to my house. You’d never be in a bad mood.

What are your most positive and uplifting colours?

Yellow! Pink!

What do you love about the Wendy Morrison rug design Joy?

I love this rug so much! Wendy’s idea to make the band around the edges vibrant and patterned makes it such a great rug to put under a dining table. The design doesn’t get covered up – it’s on the edges! Genius!

'Wendy’s idea to make the band around the edges vibrant and patterned makes it such a great rug to put under a dining table.' Shauna

Why do you think you are drawn to this design?

I love the whimsical nature of it, but at the same time it’s sexy.

How did you style Joy in your own home?

She is under my table!

Do you have any tips for those keen to introduce colour to their home?

Start small with throw pillows, a lamp or a small runner rug. After you discover that colour is nothing to fear, the gates will open and there will be no stopping you. Go you!

Joy is available in stand size L274cm x W213cm and can also be created in custom size to suit your space!

We also asked Shauna to choose a few of her favourite Wendy Morrison designs which include, in no particular order, Nurture Green hand-tufted runner, Nurture Dark wallpaper border, Arc en Ciel crewel embroidery cushion, Cranes in Trees crewel wall hanging, and Arc en Ciel fabric.

Each of these pieces could be used alone, adding instant luxury, elegance and personality to an interior space. But the maximalist in us feels it is so much more fun to play around with one, two or even all of the above designs and create a home that is truly unique to you. Choose the pieces you love and you might be surprised just how easily they all work together.

Shauna selected her favourite designs from our collection - Nurture Dark Border Wallpaper, Arc en Ciel fabric, Nurture Green Runner, Arc en Ciel hand embroidered cushion and Cranes in Trees Crewel Wall Hanging. Fabulous choices!

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