Colour therapy - the joy of colourful rugs

Colour therapy - the joy of colourful rugs

We’re not afraid of colour here at Wendy Morrison Design – colour and pattern are our joie de vivre. In typical British fashion, the weather might be unpredictable and it could be raining cats and dogs outside. It doesn’t matter. With colour in our homes, we’re already in a better mood and a better frame of mind.

The science of colour also supports this. By injecting a little colour into your home, you can affect the way you and others are feeling. As we’re all hunkered down inside right now, colour is the vital ingredient to creating both a serene space to relax in and an effective workspace. It’s also a great way to express your personality. Colours are interpreted by you as an individual and in many ways, it’s good to think about colour like a child’s imagination – limitless to the possibilities.

“Colour is like food for the spirit – plus it’s not addictive or fattening.”
Isaac Mizrahi, Fashion Designer

The beauty of a colourful rug, of course, is that no DIY is required. Less effort, more enjoyment. Accessorising with a designer rug takes the hassle out of redecorating and you can move it easily between rooms. This creates more opportunities to make your space just right.


Create an uplifting atmosphere with yellow – the colour of happiness, optimism and joy. Associated with sunshine and energy, it stimulates mental activity and muscle energy.

Sunburst yellow rug detail


The colour of truth and wisdom, blue is a calming colour that brings serenity. It’s said to lower blood pressure, slow your heart rate and help clear your mind.

Darker or intense blues are best for stimulating clear thought:

Dragon Florals blue and gold rug

Softer shades of blue are ideal for calmness and rest, perfect for aiding restful sleep in bedrooms:

Flowers of Virtue Opal Blue rug


One of our favourite colours is teal. Sitting in between blue and green, teal works a dream in spaces you want to unwind. You can bring out teal’s warmth and experiment with contrasting colours by pairing it with the vibrancy of orange or yellow.

Peacock teal rug


Bringing a sense of nature indoors is never a bad idea. One of the most restful colours for your eyes, green denotes freshness, safety, balance and harmony. It’s also known to be restorative and can help to reduce anxiety. Ahh…just what we need!

Birdsong jade green rug


There is such a thing as the Pink Effect. Yes, really. When people are exposed to large amounts of pink it has a calming effect on the nerves, relieving feelings of anger and aggression. Pink represents love, romance and peace.

Jardin de Orient pink rug


Enjoy adding a touch of luxury to your home with red, a regal and lucky colour. Chinese culture influences many of our bright wool rug designs and in feng shui red represents good fortune and bravery.

Peace, Love & Joy red rug


Energise your home with orange – the colour of warmth, joy, motivation and reassurance. Orange has often been associated with good health as it encourages movement, energy and positive thinking. Several of our rugs include subtle flashes of orange, like Flowers of Virtue Opal Blue. Or go bold with Shanghai Blossom.

Shanghai Blossom multi-coloured rug


With its pale violet tone, lilac is a sophisticated and calming colour that’s perfect for creating a stress-free sanctuary. It has a relaxing and purifying energy that encourages spiritual contemplation. We can’t get enough of this colour right now and we’re incorporating lilac into some new exciting developments. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Wendy’s latest creation in development, Eternal Toile. Lilac and gold are complementary colours – teamed together, they look ever so posh.

Eternal Toile artwork

Colour can fill you with confidence, motivation and happiness. Still on the fence? Be prepared to be enthused by interior designer Sophie Robinson. There’s never been a better time to give colour a go.

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