Collective Inspiration for Zebra Florals, Leopard Florals and Zebra Leopard Palms

Collective Inspiration for Zebra Florals, Leopard Florals and Zebra Leopard Palms

Whilst putting pen to paper Wendy found herself drawn to the eclectic inspiration and exceptional style and vision of the legendary designer Tony Duquette.  Renowned for his work in the world of theatre he wasn’t shy of exuberant colour or lavish settings.   His rooms portrayed extravagant workmanship and attention to detail.

His creative force extended from painting and sculpture to stage sets and interiors to costumes and jewellery and though Wendy’s focus is on rugs she too wanted to create the magic he produced so effortlessly in his work.

Tony Duquette Designed Landing

Enthused by Duquette’s use of animal print throughout his interior projects, Wendy’s design for Leopard Florals began its journey. The charm of animal print is that its a neutral (being a pattern designed to help dangerous animals blend in) and actually works with other patterns enhancing their beauty and richness. It lends an exotic and bold flavour to your interiors. It’s mysterious and powerful impression is what Wendy desired for this artful floorwork. To soften the aesthetic Wendy adorned the monochromatic border using gorgeous oriental blooms that are a signature look of hers and a soft toned, spacious pink field contrasts with the adventurous border.

Wendy’s admiration for wild game is further evident in Zebra Florals continuing the trend of classic beauty. Animal print suggests a sense of power and from its primal origins it has advanced into luxe modern interiors. Moving on from it’s symbolism of affluence, animal print is now more widely produced and more economically for interiors in a range of fabrics and textiles.   Both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods boosted the allure of animal print and Wendy’s depiction of the modern relationship draws your gaze from the eye-catching neutral zebra stripe to the floral femininity of the chrysanthemum. The Art Deco vibe is evident with symmetrical floral pairings at opposite ends whilst the opulent emerald green leaves provide a harmonious pop of colour juxtaposed with the interesting patterned background.

Marlon Zebra Print Accent chair

Animal prints desirability has shifted from one of survival to one of great admiration and aesthetic. Interior designers have harnessed it into one of design’s most steadfast prints. Incorporating the neural zebra stripe as a starting point Wendy then spring boards the viewer into the colourful and mysterious jungle of Zebra Leopard Palms. Seductive and captivating, you can’t help but linger over it as your eyes roam from corner to corner to ensure you don’t miss an inch of its beauty. Following in Duquette’s footsteps, inspired by his luxuriant mix of colour and style, Wendy’s compilation of palm trees, oriental blooms and prowling leopards creates an intoxicating blend for the senses. The play of contrast incorporates rich reds juxtaposed with soft pinks throughout the elegant, floral border offset against a black and white backdrop.   Furthermore in true Duquette fashion her representation of palms trees which signfy divine bounty and abundance is a parallel seen in Duquettes maximalist interior approach.  Whilst the exotic and to be feared leopard striding across the rug holds your gaze for as long as you might !

These magical rugs are not for the fainthearted ! Overflowing with charm they are a ‘more is more’ approach to your interiors and who wouldn’t want a piece of show stopping action !

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