By the light of our new Phoenix Moon

By the light of our new Phoenix Moon

As daffodil shoots appear and snowdrops unfurl, a sense of renewal is all around. Spring is on the way and it feels like the perfect season to introduce the newest member of our Wendy Morrison Design family - Phoenix Moon, who shares a wonderful story of regeneration. 

With minimal motifs and a pared-back colour palette, on paper Phoenix Moon sounds like a simple design. And she is. But she is a simple design with a huge amount of depth, detail and meaning. A wonderful statement rug for floors that will make you think, dream and wonder, and always smile - every time you catch sight of her.

Golden phase

A huge circular pink moon sits at the heart of this glorious hand-tufted rug design and creates the perfect backdrop for a solitary, willowy, golden Pine Tree, a symbol of resilience, which reaches strongly upwards. Gentle, fan-shaped leaves add softness, and are a striking contrast to the bold, almost blocky, lines that form the shapes and patterns of a glorious golden border.

The shimmering border acts as a beautiful frame to the images and, rather than boxing in the design, adds to a sense of lightness and openness. In the foreground, glorious pink and gold-etched phoenixes soar, wild and free, wings and tail feathers criss-crossing the golden lines of the decorative border, drawing the eye outwards, further enhancing the expansive feel of this design.

Sustainable structure

Phoenix Moon is a classic, elegant and glorious addition to our hand-tufted rug collection. All our hand-tufted rugs are made using wool for the base - a wonderful sustainable material, that is soft, warm, comfortable underfoot and continues to look beautiful, even after time. 

Design details are handcrafted using Tencel, which is the brand name for a combination of fibres made from renewable raw material wood sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations. The fibres are compostable and biodegradable, a vital element of the circular economy, a system based on the re-use and regeneration of materials, and reducing waste. As well as Tencel’s eco-friendly credentials, it is a material our artisans enjoy working with and the results are outstanding, with intricate details standing out against the soft, wool, backdrop.

Our hand-tufted rugs are made by skilled artisans who work for the same family manufacturing business we have partnered with since establishing Wendy Morrison Design. We have a supportive, collaborative, relationship with the business and the artisan workers, which we have built up over many years. We value our artisans greatly and you can read all about the labour, love and attention to detail that goes into the making of a hand-tufted rug on our previous journal post here.

Stories and symbols

Storytelling, which brings ideas, beliefs and experiences to life, is at the heart of all Wendy Morrison designs, and both the moon and the phoenix lend themselves naturally to a powerful tale of regeneration.

Many cultures associate the moon with feminine aspects, such as birth, growth and renewal, while the moon’s cycles are often seen as a metaphor for the cyclical patterns of life, including birth, death and rebirth. The moon’s tidal influence - the rise and fall of the tides is a result of the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth - can represent the cyclical nature and unpredictability of life. The moon also represents cyclical change in astrology, and its phases are said to have a powerful influence on our moods and emotions.

A Wendy Morrison favourite, the powerful, mythical, phoenix symbolises rebirth, transformation and hope. The immortal phoenix continually rises from the ashes, gaining awareness and spiritual growth each time. With a message of hope and renewal, the phoenix is often seen as a reminder that we can overcome setbacks, to learn and grow.

Pared-back palette

A pared-back colour palette of pink and gold, with lilac details, set against a warm white base, makes Phoenix Moon an elegant addition to our neutral rugs, which are incredibly easy to place. Although a minimal palette, the symbolism attributed to the colours used is powerful. Gold has long represented success, luxury and sophistication, while pink symbolises love, nurture and compassion.

‘I felt it was important to keep Phoenix Moon simple, classic, gentle and fairly neutral, with minimal dying requirements, which seemed in keeping with her powerful story of regeneration,’ Wendy explains. ‘I love the openness the gold border provides.

‘I think Phoenix Moon could be placed anywhere in the home,’ Wendy adds. ‘I would like to have a play with her in our lounge at home - I think she will sit beautifully with our Mandela wallpaper there.’Phoenix Moon is a welcome addition to our luxurious hand-tufted rugs. With a story of regeneration, and the hope and positivity that embodies, she doesn’t only look stunning, she shares an uplifting message too.

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