Arc en Ciel tells a colourful story of hope and positivity

Arc en Ciel tells a colourful story of hope and positivity

Arc en Ciel, the newest addition to the Wendy Morrison family, is the result of living with a global pandemic. Wendy’s love of and need for colour shine through in this vibrant design, which is bright, beautiful and tells a joyful story of hope.

Designed during lockdown, the hand-knotted wool and silk rug is brimming with hope, positivity and optimism. The vibrant shades are as uplifting as it is possible to be. There is also a lovely story of inspiration behind this rainbow rug, bringing together two of Wendy’s passions – Japanese dress, particularly the kimono, and the power of colour.

Lockdown lessons

‘Arc en Ciel came from my need for and love of colour,’ Wendy explains. ‘This design came together whilst in lockdown, inspired by two things I love and am always drawn to, the kimono and Japanese dress, and the power of colour.

‘I was trying to focus on the positives that could possibly come out of a worldwide lockdown. The opportunity to change our ways to try to build a better, kinder world. I have always loved the power of colour. Colour connects and feels uplifting. It is incredibly powerful and positive, and I love when a beautiful combination comes together. I had a lot of fun playing with some of my favourite colours for Arc en Ciel, all highlighted and grounded with gold, to create a rug I felt was joyful, positive and hopeful.

‘I feel happy every time I look at Arc en Ciel. She was my colour cure during what was a difficult time for everybody.’

Playful elegance

Arc en Ciel is an elegant and majestic yet playful design. She features traditional motifs given a colourful, modern twist. The graceful design is brought to life using a highly skilled, hand-knotted technique, with artisans creating details using 150 knots per inch. A labour-intensive process that produces stunning results. The details are woven in silk, adding an extra sheen and beautiful lustre to the finished rug.

Colour combination

Wendy’s combination of purple, violet, red, greens, pinks and yellow, highlighted and grounded with gold, inspires positivity, hope and optimism.The beautifully balanced, maximalist design allows swirling ribbons of colour to come together in joyous combinations. The swooping arcs and curves create a sense of space and freedom.

Long life and good fortune

The gorgeous imagery is inspired by Oriental symbolism. Cranes, which play an important role in Chinese mythology, representing longevity and good fortune, glide through swooping rainbow rays of colour. Outlined in gold, the intricate handcrafted silk details mean every motif stands out, the perfect complement to blocks of colour.

As cranes take flight, beautiful pink, white and gold peony roses are in full bloom around them. Important flowers in Eastern philosophy, peonies symbolise good fortune, honour, bravery and love. They are also incredibly pretty to look at, with full, yet delicate-looking petals etched in gold, a striking contrast to the bold swathes of colour around them.

Sign of hope

Arc en Ciel is a joyful symbol of hope for a positive, kinder future. She is inspired by nature and our connection to the natural world, a passion for Japanese dress, Oriental symbolism, chinoiserie and the power of colour. At a time of restrictions, Wendy’s imagination took flight, drawing inspiration from cultures and ideas around the world to create an uplifting, colourful, creative work of art for the floor – a design intended to spark joy.

With Arc en Ciel, Wendy has designed a new rug that captures a moment in time, and paints a bright and beautiful picture of hope.

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