An exotic revival: meet Tiger Florals

An exotic revival: meet Tiger Florals

Introducing our latest feline rug, Tiger Florals. A hand-tufted designer rug with a free-spirited flavour. An ode to Tony Duquette’s maximalist style, she’s full of personality and artistic expression. Understated glamour just got interesting.

Majestic jungle vibes

Let’s take your mind to the magic of the Indian jungle. That’s where her story begins as Tiger Florals is a further development from the Dreams of the Jungle rug that was inspired by Wendy’s first trip to the jungle. Think about Tiger Florals as a way to bring exotic nature closer and the outside in.

Majestic black stripes play centre stage, yet the rug’s background is most definitely neutral. The warm sand colour grounds the rug in gentle, earthy tones. This makes it easy to place in several interior schemes and very versatile.

While tiger stripes may be evocative of maximalism, did you know that in the wild stripes help tigers to blend into their surroundings? They break up the silhouette of their body when hunting in dim light at night.

She’s a softie

We can never resist bringing a touch of florals to the mix. Tiger Florals is softened with a border of soothing pink lotus flowers. These oriental blooms are associated with peace and transformation, so it’s the perfect way to soften her edges.

Tiger Florals is also a softie thanks to her quality materials and construction. Handcrafted in wool and Tencel, comfort underfoot is a given. Pure wool forms the base of the rug and all the pattern details are made from Tencel – a yarn chosen for its sustainable properties and subtle lustre.

In signature Wendy Morrison style, every rug is a unique handmade piece and Tiger Florals is no exception being hand-tufted. We all want something unique in our homes, something a little bit special that no one else has. So shhhh! You may want to keep this one to yourself…


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