A rug to celebrate Chinese New Year

A rug to celebrate Chinese New Year

Wendy is heavily influenced by Oriental design and is a firm believer in the powers of Feng Shui (a Chinese philosophical system for harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment) and its practice of using Chinese Symbolism in the home. Celebration was her first rug design which featured some of her favourite symbols and this year she has designed Good Fortune specifically to celebrate this Chinese New Year.

Chinese symbols feature prominently in interiors and are never ‘out of fashion’.  This is partly due to their age – having been used in interiors for centuries they’ve earned the right to their ‘always on trend’ status – and their significance in the practice of Feng Shui. The most popular symbols are, of course, naturally decorative and beautiful and are used in textiles, wall coverings and accessories.

Chinese Symbolism has been used in interiors for centuries.

Just gorgeous! Don’t you think?

In Good Fortune Wendy has used the following popular symbols.

The Dragon – the most powerful of Chinese symbols symbolising peace on earth
Cranes – for a long healthy life, a pair of cranes for harmony
Peacocks – beauty and dignity
The Phoenix – for good fortune and opportunity
Red – for fire, happiness, success & celebration
The Ginkgo Tree – sacred native of China symbolising longevity and enlightenment
Mountain – earth
The lucky number is 5 (there are 5 colours in the rug) which represents the 5 elements or water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

Design for ‘Good Fortune’ by Wendy Morrison

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