A custom collaboration for master of maximalism Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

A custom collaboration for master of maximalism Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

We were recently lucky enough to work with none other than the fabulous interior designer and TV presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen recently to supply a custom-design rug for his own home.

Laurence became a household name after finding fame as a TV presenter on the BBC’s DIY home improvement show Changing Rooms in 1996. The hugely popular show ran until 2004 and was revived in 2021 by Channel 4, when Laurence took up presenting duties once more.

Laurence's latest book, More, More, More: Making Maximalism Work in your Home and Life, gives a lovely mention to Wendy’s designs, and we have long admired his unique and very personal style. On contacting Laurence, we learned he was just about to do up his master bedroom suite, using fabric and wallpaper from his own beautiful collection, and was looking for a rug with the same wow factor.

We were recently worked with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to supply a custom-design rug for his own home. The final result is stunning. An intoxicating mix of colour, pattern and personality.

Laurence loved the idea of a Wendy Morrison rug paired with his own fabric and wallpaper. A virtual appointment was organised to discuss possibilities and, after considering several designs, Laurence decided on Jardin de Orient in a custom Ivory colourway. We also changed the colour of the birds on this beautiful hand-tufted design to tie in with the fabric and wallpaper he would be using.

Inspired by Laurence's beautiful 'Dragon Tree' fabric, we customised the colourful birds of Jardin de Orient  to complement.

The result is stunning. An intoxicating mix of colour, pattern and personality. Bold, elegant blooms on the wallpaper and fabric balance beautifully with the delicate flora and fauna of Jardin de Orient’s design. The neutral ivory rug base and gold details work beautifully with the reds on the wall and bed, to create a warm, opulent, luxurious space. The colourful birds of Jardin de Orient have been customised to complement the shades of the wallpaper and fabric in a combination that we feel is the perfect meeting of maximalist minds.

Laurence decided on Jardin de Orient in a custom Ivory colourway, as seen here with the original pink base colour

This collaboration highlights how well our Custom Design Service works for someone who has something specific in mind; it allows us to customise a Wendy Morrison design to perfectly suit your space. Different from a bespoke service, customisation offers the chance to fine-tune a design to ensure it works perfectly in your home. We can size rugs up for bigger areas or customise colours from the Wendy Morrison palette to create the perfect style for your surroundings.  You can read a bit more about the service in our previous blog, exploring the Custom Rug Journey.

The collaboration highlights the ways changes can be made to create a rug unique to your requirements. It also gave us the chance to chat to Laurence about all things design, inspiration and gin…


Following our virtual consultation with Laurence, samples of Jardin de Orient were delivered to allow Laurence to see the colours and design, in situ with the fabric and wallpaper that he had already selected for his master suite.

Q&A with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
We were delighted to have a quick chat with Laurence about his design influences, inspirations and penchant for gin…


What inspired you to become a designer?
I think everyone is born a designer and then gets the loveliness ground outta them by a grim grey world.


What do you love most about being an interior designer?
It’s the ability to go deep into a client’s head and provide them with an aesthetic that expresses their own particular, peculiar psychology. And I’ve always loved tuft boxes.


When did you first come across Wendy Morrison Design?
Through her incandescent presence on social media and the collaboration with French store Monoprix, which I’ve adored since my wife Jackie lived in Paris in the 1980s.


What drew you to the Jardin de Orient rug
It perfectly satisfies my addiction to glamour and balances a wonderful boudoir-esque opulence with some super-clean, contemporary, line drawing.

Can you describe your own home style
Pure LLBness.

What influences you when buying art, furnishing or collectibles for your own home?
Normally the amount of gin I’ve had.

Do you redecorate often?
Not as much as you’d think. I like getting rooms right. That said, it’s important to let a scheme accrete like a coral reef with elements joining the merry aesthetic as time and tide goes by. 

What says ‘home’ to you?
What is your favourite space at home and why?
Lying on my Wendy Morrison rug feeling all those little luxurious fillers tickle my fundament and sipping gin whilst contemplating how lovely being at home is.

Is there a secret to great maximalist design?

Do you think maximalist design can work in any home?
Maximalism is about being you. It’s about not buying into other people’s outmoded ideas of what’s right, wrong, tasteful or not tasteful. So, yes, it works whenever and wherever you may wish it to.

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