Join us as we delve into treasure hunting with new Plumage Gold

Join us as we delve into treasure hunting with new Plumage Gold

We are delighted to share with you the latest addition to our Wendy Morrison Design hand-tufted rug collection – Plumage, in a glorious gold and black colourway. Joining the original taupe and black version, this striking new neutral already feels like part of the family.

Inspired by Wendy’s Peacock design, Plumage Gold shares a repeat pattern, resembling the layered feathers of an exotic bird. The pattern is eye-catching and hypnotic, draws and holds the gaze, and calms and soothes the soul.

Introducing our latest rug, Plumage Gold

Plumage has a strong Art Deco feel, a design style that brought bold lines and geometric shapes, including circles, squares, rectangles, arcs and triangles in repeat patterns, to public attention. Sweeping curves, zigzags, chevron patterns and stepped shapes all have their place within Art Deco design and Plumage is a beautiful fit for anyone with even a hint of interest in this decorating style.

Luxurious addition

In the black and taupe colourway, Plumage is a versatile, timeless classic, creating a calm, relaxed space, while bringing luxury and elegance to a room. Introducing our favourite neutral - gold - into the mix further enhances the Art Deco look and feel. The addition of gold also ups the luxe factor, making Plumage Gold one of our most glamorous neutrals.

Plumage Gold gives a luxurious art deco feel with her rich gold colourway

‘We always knew this design would lend herself to different colourways. Gold was a natural choice because we love nothing more than a little bit of gold here,’ Wendy says. ‘The gold elevates the Art Deco-inspired pattern of Plumage and gives her a real sense of glamour. I think she is a design that works really well in a hallway, creating a truly fabulous entrance; I can already picture her as a runner too. She would also work beautifully in a glamorous dining room or an elegant, understated lounge.

Treasure hunting

‘We recently took a sample of Plumage Gold along on one of our frequent ‘treasure hunts’, when we visit vintage and antique shops in the search for pieces that might work well for photography shoots and styling. Visiting these kinds of shops often works as inspiration for new design ideas too,’ Wendy explains.

‘We have a few favourite haunts. Aquarius Vintage, which you can find at 3 Spittal Street, Edinburgh, is owned by Christine, a wonderful treasure hunter. You will always find unique vintage and antique treasures in her glorious Edinburgh shop. We are also regulars at Chapman Billies Antiques, 684 Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, where owner Billy is equally welcoming and knowledgeable.

‘I find the whole experience of looking for vintage pieces and antique finds great fun, and it’s always inspiring, from both a work and personal point of view,’ Wendy adds.

Just a small selection of the treasures that can be found at Chapman Billies Antiques

Tips from the experts

Christine and Billy both have a fantastic appreciation of antique pieces and have great stories to share. Their shops are wonderful spaces to lose yourself in, so we asked for a little bit of insight into what they might suggest for new antique hunters and share what they love themselves.

Billy explains, ‘I got into this line of work through a friend. My most unusual find has been a Japanese Tansu Step Chest [developed during the 19th century, it is generally believed that this stepped storage item doubled as a modular staircase to get to the upper level of a home in Japan].

‘If you are new to antique hunting, do a bit of research first, and it never hurts to compliment the vendor’s choice of stock! People are on the lookout for bargains, but I would always say to look for the pieces that give you pleasure. Personally, my favourite period to find pieces from is the Pre-Columbian era [which spans the history and cultures of the Americas before the arrival of Columbus in 1492].’

One of Wendy's many finds from Aquarius Vintage is this beautiful chinoiserie coffee table. Which sits perfectly with our Peace, Love and Joy hand-tufted rug and our Mandela Wallpaper

Christine says, ‘I took a stall at a flea market and I was hooked. One of my best buys ever was 350 church chairs. My advice to anyone new to vintage and antique hunting is quite simply to buy what you like. Most people tend to look for decorative pieces, such as china, glass, and paintings, but regardless of what you might be searching for, the best pieces to look out for are those in perfect condition. For me, I love discovering items from the 1940s and 1950s.’

‘I often go hunting for something specific,’ Wendy adds, ‘and a lot of the time I’m very lucky. I'm always tempted by beautiful crockery, nice artwork and the odd piece of Chinoiserie. I find it incredibly inspirational every time I go.’

We found our gorgeous new Plumage Gold looked stunning when paired with an Art Deco drinks cabinet, a collection of Chinoiserie crockery and a striking pink chair.

During our latest treasure hunt at Chapman Billies, we found our gorgeous new Plumage Gold looked stunning when paired with an Art Deco drinks cabinet, a collection of Chinoiserie crockery and a striking pink chair. Although an eclectic mix of styles, luxurious neutral Plumage Gold works to ground the pieces around her, drawing everything together, making her own statement, but never overwhelming the interesting items alongside her. Available in 244cm x 152cm or 274cm x 183cm and custom sizes, Plumage Gold is incredibly versatile for so many different reasons and in so many spaces, we hope you love her as much as we do!

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